Last week I was on vacay in Spain and my best friend Shea and I rented a scoot in Ibiza. We had a Vespa and rode it all over the island! The best part of the Vespa for me was how fast it went. I have a Honda Ruckus here in Boise that tops out at about 40 MPH, so the Vespa was a whole new world.

My Ruckus is the only scoot I've ever personally rode, so after going double that speed in Spain, I started to think about how life could be with something faster. That's where my friends Kathy and Ralph at Scooters of Boise come in.

I've been endorsing the scoot shop for about a month after checking them out and making them my official scoot shop here in the Treasure Valley. I got a new helmet there last month, will bring my Ruckus in when it needs repairs or an oil change, and hit them up to test out some other scoots they've got.

I'll be trying out a few different scooters this week, and yesterday I picked up their Buddy 170. First of all, look how cute it is. I love the two tone chocolate and tan. Plus it's got a dope basket on the back for groceries or shopping and an under-seat storage for your helmet or jackets or whatever you've got. I don't have any storage at all on my Ruckus!

It tops out around 70 MPH but you're advised to stay under 50 for safety. I rode all around Boise yesterday and went around 45/50 on the way to Lucky Peak. It rides so smooth and was really easy for me to adapt to coming from a different scoot. Loved it.

I'm dropping this Buddy off today and swapping it out for a different model, so I'll be testing that one out tonight! More to come on my quest to find the perfect scooter.



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