It's cuffing season--or, it's getting really really close anyway. You know, that time of year that everyone slows down after summer and reviews all of the people they've met, looking for a fall "match" to get them through the holidays? Let's not forget about the pumpkin patch pictures that need to be taken and the "movie nights in". Call it what it is: cheesy. However, you know as well as I do that this is a REAL thing.

Were you not able to date someone this summer that you REALLY liked? Well, now is as good of time as any to try and make it happen--you've got through the winter to convince them it's more than a cuddling seasonal relationship, right?

Then again...maybe you didn't officially MEET someone that you were attracted to. That's where Missed Connection's come into play. Yep, people (men and women) from all across the Treasure Valley set out to Missed Connections to find the love that should have been. As I do every week, here are Boise's BEST--and hopefully, one of these is about you. If you're looking, that is...

  • 1

    Hot Hispanic Construction Worker

    State Street

    You seem to be running the diamond saws always. Working on the new roads. In a white hard hat and bright green shirt today. Sometimes in that cute sombrero! Been eyeing you all summer! Almost getting into accidents looking at your handsome self! I drive by that area dailey in my work truck. You are always working looking down while running the saw and never see me. A model employee! You are hot, lets meet! You won't be dissapointed! I'll give u a honk next time (but only if it looks safe, don't want you to loose a limb!)

  • 2

    Adam & Eve

    Fairview Avenue

    I was shopping for some items when you walked in. I didn't really see you at first cuz I'm not a creeper but then we kinda ran in to each other. It was around noon on Sunday and I haven't been able to get you off my mind. You are gorgeous. You had the gal hold some items for you. Let's at least chat, what da ya say?

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