If my own personal life was ever lacking reckless, entertaining unbelievable stories (it never is), my friends lives pick up the slack with their relationship drama.

The most recent case is one of my friends who has just decided to separate from her husband. It was looking very mutual and mature at first, but we all know how fast that can change.

They decided together that they'd stay living together until the end of the year for financial reasons, which I obviously advised against.. but people have to learn the hard way. Which is what happened.

My friend went on their desktop computer the other day, just about a week after they'd decided to separate, and his iMessage was logged in. She may have gone in knowing that it was logged in, but that's neither here nor there. She found texts from him to girls he'd met on both Bumble and Tinder. There was one particular thread that stood out: a girl he was meeting up with one night when he'd told her he was going out with a guy friend. The thread was very graphic and long story short, he sent a picture of a certain situation next to a ruler to show the size of the situation.

She didn't tell him she'd seen the messages, and she doesn't feel like he's cheating or anything, I mean they definitely are done and getting a divorce, but she felt disrespected that he'd lie about it and send such embarrassing things essentially a week after ending their marriage.

They're living together for now, is it okay for him to do things like this while they're still co-habitating? She's unsure how to feel. I'd personally just be relieved that he wasn't going to be my husband for much longer after seeing the pic with the ruler. Yikes.

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