Bad news for parents: This year's flu shot is "not a very good match" for a common strain of illness that's especially tough on children, CNN reports.

"It's not a very good match for B/Victoria," says Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, referring to the strain. "It's not an awful match, but it's not a very good match."


Not an awful match, but not a very good match. Got it. Sounds great.

According to CDC data released last week, if your child is exposed to the B/Victoria strain, there's only a 58 percent chance that their flu shot will effectively protect against it. Half?! That's not great. That being said, Fauci says the shot could help protect kids from getting so sick that they develop life-threatening complications. So that's reassuring at least.

I personally opt out of the flu shot unless I have a scenario that I need to get it for, like being around new babies. Don't get it twisted, I am very pro-vaccination, but the flu-shot has never been one I personally choose to get.

Studies like this make me realize that doing your research on every single thing and being educated on the choices you make and what you put into your body is so important.

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