While it hasn't happened here in Boise or the Treasure Valley (yet), shelter-in-place orders are becoming more and more prominent in several cities per government officials. So now more and more couples are being forced to work next to each other at home, or at least in the same space but in different rooms.
The New Yorker just put out some kinda serious, kinda kidding but definitely useful tips for how to work from home when your significant other is always around. Take what you will:
  1. Be creative. Pretend your home is a WeWork, except with fewer kombucha stations, doughnut Thursdays like at my office, and more people wandering around without pants on. Awkwardly acknowledge each other in the shared kitchen space. Passive-aggressively throw out your wife’s Chobani because it was not properly labeled. Ya know, office stuff.

  2. Set respectful boundaries. If you live in a house, one person should work upstairs, the other downstairs. If you live in an apartment, one person should work in the kitchen, the other in the office. If you live in an apartment with a child, one person should work in the bedroom. Separation is key!

  3. Don’t get sloppy! Be sure to dress each morning in power suits and elaborate wigs. This will lend an air of professionalism to the day and help you to forget that this is the same person you just glimpsed sitting on the toilet watching Colbert on an iPad.

  4. Communicate. Take a break every afternoon to meet in the living room for a snack and some light screaming.

  5. Remember to find time for intimacy. Make love in every room of the house. And by “make love,” I mean lean anxiously against various pieces of furniture while scrolling on your phones and saying things like “Did you see what Trump said now?” and “I told you we needed more Lysol.”

Did your office switch to mandatory work-from-home yet? Outside of on-air staff, my office just switched as of Friday, and Monday will be the first day. I'm sure some peeps I work with will need these.

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