News from the White House just days after two cases of vaping-related lung disease were confirmed here in Idaho. And it's sparking controversy about gun laws after people noted that so many people die as a result of mass shootings and nothing has been done in regards to gun laws while it's only taken a few vaping-related deaths in comparison.

The Trump administration said Wednesday it will ban non-tobacco flavored e-cigarette products after doctors say they contributed to a series of death and respiratory illnesses across the U.S., UPI reports.

The Center for Disease Control says compounds in the products may be linked to six deaths, and more than 450 hospitalizations in 33 states this summer.

"We are going to have to do something about it," Trump said Wednesday. Meanwhile, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gotlieb tweeted, "Most of these severe cases, so far, appear to be symptoms that can occur when either oils or lipid-containing substances enter lungs. This points to illegal products that are being cut with dangerous chemicals as a culprit."

Think the ban will go through? As a non-smoker, non-vaper, I can't say I'd be mad to see this change go through.

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