What can brown do for you? Crank up the energy on the Live for 175 CycleBar stage! 

I think that all of us at 103.5 KISS FM could tell you that when you're surrounded by an amazing group of co-workers, they become your family.  It's true for Kekeluv, Cruise & Box Mateo and I and you could tell it's true with the group from Nampa UPS that came out to cycle on Family Day!

UPS is one of the largest shipping forces in the world and the staff draws people from all walks of life.  Meagan, who organized the Nampa crew to come out and cycle with us, says the event is important to their office because many of them have kids of their own.  Others in the group have experienced one form of abuse or another in their personal lives, so they want to be part of helping to break the cycle that so many kids are experiencing, have gone through or is still holding on to.

This is their first year participating in Live for 175 as a group (although I remember the kiddo that was cranking out miles tonight being at Live for 175 when he was just little taller than my knees) and plan to be part of it for many years to come!

They plan to help spread the message "it shouldn't hurt to be a child" during the year by hanging pictures from their ride tonight around their office where all of their co-workers can see them! They hope those pictures spark a conversation about what Live for 175 is and the need to stand up against child abuse in the Treasure Valley.

Thanks for cycling on Day 2, UPS!

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