Attention to all the scammers who buy, wear and return: you don't have to do that anymore! Urban Outfitters, Free People and my favorite store, Anthropologie, will start letting you rent clothes! And it won't exactly break the bank. This is going to definitely change some wardrobes, and maybe some lives.

Not only can you buy clothes at Urban Outfitters, but you'll soon be able to rent off the rack as well. The Wall Street Journal reports that for $88 a month, shoppers will be allowed to borrow six items per month from Urban Outfitters, along with Free People and Anthropologie.

“We certainly don’t think the customers are just going to stop purchasing,” says David Hayne, who will head up the new rental venture, called Nuuly. “Purchases make sense for things you know you’re going to use often; rental makes sense for things you would like to try.”

Do you sense that subtle shade? If you want to try out that $198 Anthro dress for a special occasion just once and then return it to get your 200 bucks back on your card, this service is for you. Rent it instead!

Urban Outfitters' move into the rental space comes after weaker-than-expected 2019 sales and a stock price that's dropped 19 percent since the first of the year. Yikes.

Move over, Rent The Runway, there's a new subscription in town. More info here. 


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