As a couple of Treasure Valley schools have already gone back to in-school classes, will the majority be back for the Fall, or will they continue with online learning, even in the new school year?

If colleges around the country are taking note and paying attention to what's already happening at some campuses, Boise State may or may not be back to campus, even come the fall.

Because America's largest four-year public university, California State University, just announced that the classes at its 23 campuses would be canceled for fall semester. Classes will be online.

Cal State is the first large American university to tell students they will not be returning to campus in the fall. Most of the nation’s colleges and universities have gone out of their way to say they intend to reopen, but they are also making backup plans for online classes.

So will Boise State be back and up and running in the fall? Will high schools and everyone else here in the Treasure Valley be back on campus and in classes or will they continue their learning online?

We'll wait and see how this curve flattens. Hopefully life will be back to 'normal' sooner than later!

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