Last night was my first show at the Ford Idaho Center! I don't think I've ever seen Wiz Khalifa perform, so I couldn't wait for the show. I have seen French Montana at least once that I can think of, last year in Brooklyn when Drake brought him out, but I don't think I've seen him do a full set.

Keke and I hung out in front for a couple hours broadcasting live before the show and upgraded seats before heading in for the show. Keeks really wasn't trying to stay, but I convinced him with a beer. Easy.

We ran into our friends Joey and Tericka inside. Keeks dipped and I watched most of French from above before heading to my seat with one of our promo girls, Trisha.


We ran into some current and old coworkers inside too! So many KISS listeners were at the show. Probably my favorite part of concerts is the people, more so than the performances.


French Montana and Wiz were dope! You forget how many hits someone has until the beat starts on a song and you're like "ohhhh yeah! I haven't heard this song in forever!" You can see part of their sets on my IG story if you make it in time before they expire.

Keeks left during French, I stayed for about half of Wiz and tried to be responsible and get home by like 10:30.. which got me into bed and asleep by about 11:15p. Which is way too late when my alarm goes off at 3:30a.

I'm recklessly tired today, but I'm hyped that I have nothing but hair appointments and concerts this weekend. I get to catch up on some MUCH needed missed sleep.

See you at Ashanti and Ja-Rule tonight?!



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