As stage 2 of reopening Idaho is happening, some offices are opening up for employees. Other departments in our office here who were required to work from home for the past month are now allowed to come back into the office as of yesterday, but still allowed to choose to work from home if they want.

With all of the Zoom meetings happening, and people still working from home, people are getting sick of their own apartments and houses and need a change of scenery. So they're moving their work into their cars.

CNN did a story on a few different people opting to work from their cars: The CEO of an event production company planned to work from the basement at his wife's family farm, but the cellphone service was bad. So now he works on a hill surrounded by animals in a minivan office. "If I don't tell, they just assume it's a fake background because it's such a pretty place."

Others are turning their cars into offices as well, and having a good time doing it. If you haven't been getting outside much, maybe you should try the car office. The good Boise weather should be returning after a couple more days of rain and it could be therapeutic to get out of your regular four walls and into four doors.

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