I haven't seen this pup up yet in the college course choices at Boise State, but maybe another college is onto something that they haven't thought of yet.

If you're a kid in California who's worried about what it takes to become an adult, keep your grades way up, because you'll want to go to college at Cal-Berkeley. That's because the prestigious East Bay institution has an actual class on "adulting"--aka doing grown-up stuff.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the class is led by two undergrads who plan discussion topics and schedule guest speakers to fill 90 minutes each week. Among the subjects discussed are cooking, budgeting and time management.

These classes have apparently become a thing since high-school curricula rarely includes courses like home economics anymore.

This is so clutch. Think of all of the real life things that are truly 'need to know information' that you graduated high school, or even college, without knowing. How to do your own taxes, how to make a resume, how to market yourself while applying for jobs, how to manage your money and save. These are all things I never learned from school but had to learn through trial and error on my own. You know what I've never used in real life? The difference between isosceles, equilateral and scalene triangles. Not saying it's completely useless information, all I'm saying is I've never used it.

Adulting class for the win.

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