Bars may be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Americans are still buying a whole lot of alcohol. A lot more than before.

The Wall Street Journal reports that sales of alcohol at U.S. liquor and grocery stores jumped 22 percent for the week ending March 28, compared to the same week last year. Online alcohol sales have also gone up, which I've yet to get into. Maybe I should start peeping some websites. And as many states are temporarily allowing restaurants and bars to make home deliveries or sell wine and cocktails for takeout, you may have even seen that here in the Treasure Valley as well. I've seen at least a couple spots downtown post about it.

Think about it though- with more people working from home, you can sleep in later and don’t have to drive. Everything is at home. Might as well pour up.

My Truly count has gone up a bit, even though I'm not much of a solo drinker. I do enjoy a crisp, cold Truly on a nice 72 degree day in my yard, like I'll be doing later today after work.


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