As tensions continue to rise and people are getting more and more antsy, it seems like more people have a short fuse when it comes to popping off on others.

Here's a post I copied over from the Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook page:

What was up with people today/tonite?? I work at your local grocery store and 75% of my customers were rude and argumentative. Over stupid stuff!! Our brand of tissues are always $1.25 or 4/5.00. But, we have a limit of 2!! So, why are you arguing over this with us? We are tired of being grocery police. Please respect us when we point this out to you. We are not being rude about it. Same with hand sanitizer. Cleaning products. Limit is 2. Now you want to play the game of let's each get 2. We are having a shortage!! Who needs 4 sanuters in their house? You are being greedy and keeping others who need it from not having it. Now, here's my kicker for the night!! I had a gentleman come thru my line completely covered. As he showed me his rewards card, I naturally grabbed it to scan. He then proceeded to tell at me for touching his card with my naked fingers as he was wiping card off on his pants. But!! He didn't mind my naked fingers putting his groceries in the plastic bags! He called my manager over to complain that the virus lives on plastic for 3 DAYS!! Asked that I be talked to about touching plastic cards!! Not his bags tho! AND he told lady behind him that she had to wait to be checked out til this was resolved! I absolutely refused to make her wait for his rant. Please don't take this next part as something it isnt, but, I truly believe that all of this craziness has made the stupid more stupid. And those that are only listening to certain news channels improperly informed. Also, I am a CNA, so I am very informed. Rant over.

Let's remember to be extra nice to our frontline workers. They're putting themselves in harms way every single day to make sure we have essentials!

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