We're well into cuffing season and if you're like me and totally surviving the season single as a Pringle, maybe you shouldn't be SO SURE that you're in the clear. I mean, I'm cool with being single...but if you're feeling a little counter-cultural right now, don't worry: someone might be crushing on you...HARD. In fact, they may even be crushing hard enough to be on the lookout for you...without you even knowing.

Each week, I like to dive through our own Boise Craigslist and find the best of the hopeless romantics...so without further ado: here are this weeks best!



  • 1

    Gorgeous Mom in a Shoe Store...

    Oh man, I wanted to talk to you right then. You were occupied with your son. If you see this, I am sure you will know who this is. Feel free to write to me. I think we could have ourselves a good time.. 
    This you? Click HERE



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    Meat Man...

    Hi, I hope you find this, if you do then you know who you are. I accidentally swiped the wrong way.. you've seen me about, noticed me as I have you.. for a long time really. So if you can tell me where u work and what your future plans are I'll know it's you.




    Are you the man of meat? Click HERE.

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    Rice, Rice Baby....

    I would never say something to you while you are working... so this is my anonymous way of telling you that your eyes and smile are incredible. Absolutely incredible.




    *apparently you gave this person some extra rice?*

    Click HERE, if that's you!

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