In today's edition of super weird advertisements, Burger King is giving us a big heaping pile of rotting food to promote the fact that they're going to stop using preservatives in their famous Whoppers.

People reports that the company has released an ad called "The Moldy Whopper" to announce that their signature burger will now be free from preservatives.

The ad has the classic song "What a Difference a Day Makes" playing while a Whopper slowly decomposes. And we all know deconstructed platters are all rage right now. By day 34, it's covered in green mold. Mmmm, mold. The sign the food is real. "The beauty of no artificial preservatives."

Burger King says that the new and improved burger is at over 400 locations and that by the end of the year, it will be in all of their U.S. restaurants. BK also claimed they have been removing high-fructose corn syrup and MSG from products as well.

The ad seems to be taking a shot at their competitor McDonald's. Recent stories have shown that McDonald's burgers don't seem to decompose even after years.. which is very disgusting if true.

I'll leave you with this: I only want to eat foods that exit my system in a timely manner. I have no desire to put "food" into my body that's going to stay there for several years. Yuck.

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