Lifestyle is a big part of relationships. If you aren't compatible in what you view as important for health and hobbies, it doesn't always work out. In the latest 'Dear Keke and Kat' letter, one girl is having an issue with her boyfriend:

Dear Keke and Kat,


My boyfriend refuses to work out. He hates the gym. I've decided it's a mixture of him being lazy and just not caring what he looks like. He doesn't look terrible, but his age and metabolism is starting to catch up with him. He's not 25 anymore! He has to work out.


I do my best to stay in shape and eat healthy, but he refuses. It's not fair and I'm beginning to lose attraction. Being healthy is important to me and his diet has gotten worse and worse. When you couple that with hating the sight of a bench, you've got a problem.


Of course I've tried everything I can to motivate him, but he's lazy. He'd rather sleep in and do other things like play video games. This isn't working for my lifestyle or our relationship. I don't know how I can fix this or get him to change, and it's really taking a toll on our relationship.

Like she said, lifestyle is major. If you don't view the same things as valuable, it can and probably will create an issue. I'd have a hard time building with someone who didn't care about their health. What do you think she should do?

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