We've seen so many people beefing about this on social media and real life over the past few weeks leading into what would end up being the biggest opening weekend for a film, ever. Don't be the guy or girl who writes a spoiler on social media. Or walks out of the theater and yells the ending out in front of people waiting to go into the movie. Don't do it. Like this guy's friend did:

Dear Keke and Kat,

I'm a huge Marvel fan. Every new movie brings me new joy and memories. I see them all with my uncle who was a huge part of my childhood. He's been in the hospital for the last few weeks and I promised him I wouldn't see End Game without him. He's recovering and getting out this week. I did all I could to stay off of social media over the weekend. But on Friday evening, I came across a spoiler. And it came from one of my closest friends.


I'm pissed. I don't know why he thought that was funny, but he's not remorseful at all. What kind of man acts like that? I told him why I was so upset and that I was waiting for my uncle to get out of the hospital to see it, and he didn't really care still. I unfriended him on everything and he's acting like I'm overreacting. I don't even see how I can be friends with someone so selfish.

Who do you think is in the wrong here? Is he overreacting for unfriending him online and in real life? Or does he have a point that his friend is too selfish to be friends with?

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