Imagine that everything was perfect in what you call a relationship, but the only problem is they refuse to 'make if official'. Our latest Dear Keke and Kat letter is summarized as:

Dear Keke and Kat:

I've been with this girl for a while. Maybe almost a year. We get along great and get along great with each other's friends and family too. I'm in her kid's lives and they love me. We hang out almost every day and everything is good, except she refuses to call me her boyfriend or really make it official.


The backstory is that she got out of a bad relationship with her kid's dad not too long before we met. She said she was ready to meet someone else, but wasn't ready for claiming a full relationship. I thought that was fine at first, but now that it's been so long, basically a year, I'm beginning to think something is missing or it will be like this forever. I just don't know how long I can feel like I'm halfway in a relationship and in limbo with her. Will she ever want to move in together? Will she ever want to post pictures together? Will she ever want to get married? Or am I just here until she decides to be single, be with someone else, or get back together with her ex?


I don't know if I should care when everything else is good, but it bothers me. What do I do?

For me, if someone wouldn't fully commit, that would be a problem. But it sounds like they are committed, but without the label. Are labels really that important? Should it matter what you call each other if the relationship is great otherwise?

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