*Most* of us have been here right? You're in a situation where you've got an ex that you're still attracted to but don't want a relationship with and you're at a crossroads: Do I continue to hook up with this person, knowing that it could get messy? From today's 'Dear Keke and Kat' letter:

Dear Keke and Kat:


My ex and I dated for 3 years before breaking up over a year ago. He broke up with me and kind of broke my heart. I've been single ever since. I know he's dated because we were connected on social until I finally decided to block him so I didn't have to see it. I'm actually over it now and we've been texting just as friends after we ran into each other a few weeks ago.


He's single now and has been asking to hang out. I know what he means by this, and I'm considering hanging out and hooking up with him again. I don't have major feelings for him right now, but am worried that they might come back if I hook up with him. At the same time, I do want to see him. So I'm not really sure what to do. I also don't want to put off moving on to someone else by engaging with him. I'm conflicted.

I think that you gotta take out the trash and not look back. If he broke up with you and your heart was broken, why open up that door to have it happen again? Three years is pretty significant and likely you'll fall back into some sort of feelings. My advice? Move on!

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