The 6God came to save us all during quarantine.

Yesterday, I got home from the studio pretty late in the day (2:30p is early for a regular schedule but kinda late when you get into work at 4:30a) JUST before the crazy storm hit. Suddenly I'm trying to cook, do laundry, vacuum and clean all at once in case the power goes out.

I haven't had a lot of time to nap the last couple weeks so I treated myself to a power hour that didn't start until like 5pm. When I woke up, Drake had just announced: SURPRISE! He would be releasing a 14-song mixtape last night AND would be releasing a full album this summer.

My heart stopped. Drake is my absolute favorite artist in the world. Hands down. By far. No competition. A surprise mixtape?! In a few hours?! I was so excited. And when it released at 10pm our time, it did not disappoint. Obviously I stayed up till 11:30 to listen to it the whole way through even though I had to wake up four hours later.

My takeaway? I love mixtape Drake. It felt like old, Take Care style of Drake. It was beautiful. Whenever Drake drops a project, I have a million group texts coming in and out talking about our favorite tracks, the beats, the lyrics. It's an experience.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this start to finish, now. If you can't right now, do it this weekend. Dark Lane Demo Tapes is streaming on all platforms now.

Here's the full track list for Drake's Dark Lane Demo Tapes:

  1. "Deep Pockets" 
  2. "When to Say When" 
  3. "Chicago Freestyle" (featuring Giveon) 
  4. "Not You Too" (featuring Chris Brown) 
  5. "Toosie Slide" 
  6. "Desires" (featuring Future) 
  7. "Time Flies" 
  8. "Landed" 
  9. "D4L Freestyle" (featuring Future and Young Thug) 
  10. "Pain 1993" (featuring Playboi Carti) 
  11. "Losses" 
  12. "From Florida With Love" 
  13. "Demons" (featuring Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek) 
  14. "War"

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