If you saw my IG story or this blog yesterday, you may be one of the 8,000 people wanting an update on this whole foot fetish guy, or FFG as we're calling him.

Well, there's an update, and it's pretty amazing. He agreed to call in today at 9a his time, so 10a here in Boise to chat about this fetish. Since I was cool about it, he didn't feel weird like I was going to bash him. Everyone's into something, who says feet are weird?!

Anyway, here's how the build up went down:


10a comes. Keke and I cannot wait to talk to this guy. How old is he? What's he going to sound like? What kind of job does he have? Is he single? Married? In a relationship? How many girls does he buy shoes and socks from? How long has this been going on? How much money does he spend?! I had so many questions I was dying to ask. And he answered all of them.

To top if off, he sounded hot and was really cool! Like, abnormally normal. Which solidified my thoughts: fetishes aren't for "weirdos". You can be a completely normal, everyday guy who's into things that people make fun of you for, so you feel like you have to hide it.


He was dope. We'll be airing the call tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7:25a! Oh, and I think I'll be sending him some pictures of my feet after I get out of hot yoga tonight!


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