Live For 175 is more than halfway to our goal of 175 hours cycling till we break the cycle. Take a look at some captured moments from the people that power the message.

Photo: Josh Fabian

I can't imagine what victims and survivors go through and I will never try at portraying that, "I get it." My job over the final few days is to reach someone that is lost, in a dark place, or just needs an outlet to speak. I can provide that with our amazing team. These faces represent more than you could ever imagine.

Come cycle on Cyclebar's amazing digital stationary bikes. You can see the broadcast LIVE HERE. Feel free to submit your own story RIGHT HERE. If you can't make it down to cycle, please take the pledge and post it to Instagram using this hashtag #Livefor175. You can take that pledge HERE.

I also wanted to invite you to please come visit with us. You don't have to tell a story, go on the radio, or even cycle with us. Just having the support of the community surrounding these victims and survivors is more than enough. I implore anyone who has been affected by abuse to also come be with us. This is a place where nobody judges you and the love are infectious at Live For 175. If you make it out please come grab one of our child abuse prevention wristbands. We made sure to order three different sizes from toddler to adult. These are the symbol we like to show off.

Thanks again and we'll be live from the Village until we hit the 175-hour mark on Saturday, April 29 at 7 p.m.

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