Let's all call Burger King a pioneer, because since they introduced their Impossible Whopper nationwide, other fast food chains are scrambling to keep up with plant-based options.

KFC has partnered with the Beyond Meat brand to test plant-based nuggets and wings.

Eater reports that the chain’s Beyond Fried Chicken will launch in Smyrna, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta, in the form of nuggets or boneless wings, as the chain decides whether or not to broaden the test or to release Beyond Fried Chicken nationwide.

While Burger King, White Castle and Subway have all embraced plant-based meat in recent years, KFC’s partnership with Beyond Meat marks the first time a national fast-food chain has introduced plant-based chicken in the United States.

As a vegetarian, I love to see these options popping up and will 100% try it if and when the Beyond Chicken comes to KFC in Boise!

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