Another 48 hours of some work, some play, and some interesting photos. The last work-week was kinda crazy for me, so I had a lot to catch up on when it hit Friday afternoon. Including sending pictures to my FFGs.

If you missed the blogs or bits about Foot Fetish Guy, go back to that and then keep reading. I've acquired another FFG through a follower who inquired about how she should sell her shoes. I told her about a website that someone tipped me off to, and the guy she ended up selling some shoes to asked for Twitter info. He'd been trying to get me to send pictures of shoes I was ready to get rid of all week, and I was just too busy to send.

Finally decided on these guys. We'll see if the sale goes through.


Saturday morning was the Pride Parade! Thousands of people out in downtown Boise and we got the very last float in the parade! It was such a great experience and I can't wait for next year.


Saturday night I went out for some Pride celebrations. The streets downtown were nutty. So many people out and dressed up! My glitter hair part was still shining, and actually still is. I haven't washed my hair yet. Maybe tonight.


One of my two cats, Nala, has been extra crazy at night. She gets what some cat-parents call the "3am crazies" where she needs attention and does everything in her power to wake me up. I can't just lock her out of my bedroom because she'll scratch the door until I open it. Instead, I finally made her sleep in their crate.

I think she liked it, because she stayed sleeping in there even after the door was open and she could leave, and I keep finding her napping in there regularly. Win win.


This picture isn't technically from the weekend, but I had to include it. This morning one of our listeners, Samantha, came to pick up some BMF tickets she'd won. She and her husband just came back from Alaska with a bunch of fresh halibut and salmon and dropped some off for us! So sweet.


This coming weekend is BMF so it's about to be another great weekend!


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