It's here. What everyone in my DMs and mentions has been waiting for: the audio of FFG aka Foot Fetish Guy.

Back story: I got a random DM on twitter the other day from a guy wanting me to send him my sweaty socks and shoes. I decided to engage with him a little for more information and realized he seemed like a pretty normal dude. I got him to come on the show to talk about his fetish anonymously, the first time he's spoken about it to anyone other than the girls he gets shoes and socks and things from.

The outcome? A really raw, honest conversation from a regular, everyday guy who has a foot fetish. FFG sounds like every normal guy. He could be the guy in the cubicle next to you and you'd never know it.

My takeaway from this is that if you approach conversations without judgement, people will open up to you. I like to create a space where people can express themselves and be real. Everyone is into something, but most people view other peoples' "things" as weird because it's not the specific thing that they're into.

FFG, I salute you. Thanks for being raw with us and sharing your secret. I don't find you weird at all.

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