Once a cheater, always a cheater they say, right?

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns credentialed a New England Patriots scout so a videographer could tape a team feature called "Do Your Job." The Browns were playing the Cincinnati Bengals, whom the Patriots play this coming Sunday.

The NFL is now reportedly investigating whether the videographer illegally taped the Bengals' sideline instead of his supposed subject, which was the scout. (The league has the tape, which we can all assume will tell the truth on what really happened or didn't happen.)

And who can blame them? The Patriots and coach Bill Belichick were fined a total of $750,000 and forced to give up a first-round draft choice for videotaping the New York Giants during a 38-14 win at the Meadowlands in 2007--an incident that became known as "Spygate."

Okay but for real- the even better question is why the 10-3 Patriots would even need to tape the Bengals, who fell to a league-worst 1-12 record after losing to the Browns. I have one friend who is a Bengals fan, and he's disappointed pretty much weekly. It's become a running joke at this point. So why are the Patriots, arguably one of the best teams in the league, worried about them enough to care to spy, if true?

One thing is for sure, a lot of people are impatiently waiting to find out what's on these tapes.

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