While everyone is taking precautions to avoid coming into contact with the coronavirus, a medical research firm in the UK is looking for 24 volunteers to get a shot of the world's most famous, or really infamous, virus as part of their testing to develop a vaccine. And they'll pay you for it. $4,588 to be exact.

According to The New York Post, volunteers will get injected with two of the virus' weaker strains before then receiving vaccines to test their effectiveness. Those who participate in the experiment at London's Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre are told to expect and experience mild respiratory symptoms.

Of course, you'll also need to stay in quarantine for two weeks while avoiding people and exercise and staying on a restricted diet. Sounds kind of terrible to be honest.

Sounds really suspect actually. Last week I watched the movie Contagion, and they actually did this very thing to cure the virus in the movie, and it worked. So maybe it's not such a sus idea after all. Someone's gotta do it, I just don't see that someone being me.. even though a free trip to London and $4,500 sounds great.

I'll stick to the back of the line on this one, but I do hope they're able to effectively find a cure this way.

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