April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. The Treasure Valley gathered on the steps of the capitol building wearing all blue to stand up for children.


Live for 175 is a campaign to make the Treasure Valley aware of how prevalent child abuse is right here within our community. Kekeluv started the awareness campaign that would run for a full 175 hours live on the air spreading the message. Completely heartbroken after hearing the Robert Manwill story, he knew he had to do something.

In true Treasure Valley fashion, you showed up. Through all of Kekeluv's stunts and attempts to capture your attention, you continued to support. You've been there every single year riding a bike, volunteering, offering ideas, sharing stories and even just hanging out. You have made a difference and you have spread the message.

This entire month is child abuse prevention month and a perfect time to educate ourselves or just to start a conversation. What role will you play?

Live for 175 starts on Saturday, April 22 and goes all the way through Saturday, April 29. Sign up to ride a bike, take part in the themed days or just come down to the Village at Meridian to say hello. You're always welcome where we are.

Let's make this 10th year of cycling to break the cycle the most memorable year yet.


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