While it's normal to feel a little bit nervous before you go on first dates (oh trust me, I know), it's important to find ways to feel confident about them. Confidence can make you seem more attractive and could help you secure that second date. Elite Daily recently put together the following tips for spiking confidence on first dates.

  • Play a part in planning your date. When you're able to take on a planning role, you can ensure that you're doing an activity you enjoy.
  • Pump up the jams. Put together a fun playlist to dance to before your date. Consider using bass-heavy tunes, as some research has shown they can make you feel more confident than low-bass songs.
  • Watch something funny. A few YouTube funny clips or a favorite scene from a comedy can put a smile on your face and relax you.
  • Have some conversation starters ready. Look for news clips or new information in topics you're interested in. That way, if the conversation lags, you'll have something to say.
  • Arrive early. Getting there early gives you a chance to settle in and relax before the date starts.

I definitely struggle with the 'get there early' portion. My standard arrival time is about 5-12 minutes late, but never 15. That would just be rude.

Something to think about as we inch closer to February 14th. Valentines Day is in two weeks exactly!


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