When retailers were allowed to open as part of the first stage of reopening Idaho almost two weeks ago, I called around to my favorite stores to see who was open. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and Ulta were all still closed. But some of those have since opened their doors.

I actually wouldn't have assumed or checked if they had opened at this point, because life has been busy and I haven't really had any opportunities to go out and about anyway. But Keke said that last weekend when he was out shopping pre-Mother's Day and saw that TJ Maxx/Home Goods was open and PACKED. Naturally, I knew I needed to go check it out since it's one of my favorite stores. Not to mention the fact that I've now been home non-stop and have made an extensive list of items I've got to get to survive quarantine comfortably.

So yesterday after work, I went to the good ol' TJ Maxx/Home Goods. Pulled up and the parking lot was packed. There was a line out the door, which is typical of stores now since they're limiting customers.

But the line flowed freely in, no one was going out before they were letting more people in. And once you got inside: it was CHAOS! Now, I'm an avid TJ Maxx shopper. I've been at all times of the year. Black Friday, Christmas time when everyone is last minute shopping, you name it. I've been there. So I've seen some chaos at Teej. But yesterday was different.

There were SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE STORE. I don't know what their limited capacity was, but it had to be pushing it. Everyone was thinking like me: we've been stuck in the house for a couple of months and have a list of things we need. But dang, people were reckless.

I'd say maybe 1/10 people had masks on. And that's being generous. No one was abiding by the 6 foot rule or distancing themselves. I had people squeeze behind me in aisles more than once, and also get right next to me and reach literally over me to grab things on the shelf directly in front of me. It was every woman for herself. There were no rules. It was like a lawless city. LOL but for real.

I love TJ Maxx and I got a lot of amazing items I needed at great prices, but I think I'll probably be waiting for a couple more months before braving those territories again, and hopefully next time I pop in, people remember how to act a little bit better.

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